Romania offers decisive advantages, especially as a location for manufacturing services.

Attractive wage level

Romania is one of the most prosperous countries in the former Eastern Bloc. Continuous support measures from the EU and a well-developed social system ensure the high level of satisfaction among the working population – while maintaining a very competitive wage level.


As a member of the EU, Romania has a stable government apparatus. The Romanian social system is very strong and unemployment is low. Thus Romania is one of the most solid low-wage countries and absolutely reliable when it comes to planning.

Good accessibility

Romania has a very good infrastructure, which has been continuously modernized and expanded over the past few years. Several airports and well-developed expressways ensure smooth logistics and easy accessibility.

High level of technology

Due to its attractive labor costs, Romania has attracted many large companies in recent years. These have not only contributed to an expansion of the infrastructure and high employment, but also to a high level of education and modern facilities. The suppliers follow one step at a time and thus enable the complete supply of parts and assemblies, even with a high level of complexity.